Eike Behre is a Project Associate at MCII and will support the implementation of several climate risk analysis studies applying the Economics of Climate Adaptation (ECA) methodology. The ECA methodology assists in formulating long-term climate adaptation strategies, including risk transfer solutions. He will be responsible for the overall assessment of climate change adaptation options from the ecosystem service perspective.

Prior to MCII, Eike worked for GIZ in the BMU funded project Advancing Climate Risk Insurance Plus (ACRI+) with the focus to apply an Integrated Climate Risk Management approach to the renewable energy sector in Barbados. At GIZ, he was also responsible for the supervision of a Disaster Risk Finance Toolkit, created in cooperation with the risk modeling company Risk Management Solutions. In addition, Eike has gained valuable experience with forest carbon offset projects (REDD+) in Fiji and Vietnam.

Eike holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from the Wageningen University and a Bachelor’s degree in Forest and Nature Conservation from Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences. Eike’s research interests include Ecosystem-based Adaptation, Climate & Disaster Risk Management and Climate Risk Insurance.

See Eike’s profile on the UNU-EHS WEBSITE.