One development over the past years has been the formulation of “governance principles” to influence institutional arrangements for disaster risk finance and the implementation practice by major initiative like the InsuResilience Global Partnership. MCII has published an overview about the governance principles in the space of climate and disaster finance and insurance. The assessment shows emerging principles on the political, institutional, policy, product and impacts. It includes recent policy decisions by the InsuResilience Global Partnerships’ (IGP) High Level Consultative Group including the IGP Pro Poor Principles[KS1] , and the IGP Principle on SMART Premium and Capital Support[KS2]

The publication is a contribution to the UNFCCC Expert Group on Comprehensive Risk Management, where MCII’s Executive Director Sönke Kreft serves as a member. The document serves as an official activity of the Plan of Action, and should inform guidance for better climate risk management developed at the climate summit at the end of year.