The Disaster Risk Management community has been advocating for integrated and complementary approaches to financing the negative effects of climate disasters. Risk transfer solutions, in particular macro and microinsurance, have been applied simultaneously in national contexts.  In spite of this, policymakers and practitioners in macro and microinsurance schemes have struggled to find areas of common support. Theoretically, linkages could lead to process and resource efficiencies, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of DRM strategies. Being aware of the importance of this issue, the InsuResilience Secretariat has deemed it essential to foster reflection on this topic through a session at the Microinsurance Conference held in Lusaka during November 6-8, 2018.

MCII’s fourth discussion paper elaborates on some of the ideas discussed during the preparations and the event, and reflects on the challenges faced by policymakers, practitioners and the private sector when developing comprehensive risk transfer approaches. Additionally, these ideas are complemented with insights from the literature. Lastly, this paper provides guidance on how these linkages could be furthered in the future.