Large-Scale Transformation Towards Biodiversity-Friendly, Climate Resilient Agriculture through Risk Finance Solutions and Enabling Policy and Trade Frameworks (BioFinCas)
August 2023 – July 2031 | Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico

Project Overview

Growing global demand for cocoa, coffee and bananas for low price threatens biodiversity conservation and leaves climate and adaptation costs and risks with smallholder farmers. The project contributes to the large-scale transformation of conventional farming towards biodiversity-friendly and climate-resilient practice in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Mexico. To do so, the project supports the development and implementation of suitable risk finance solutions for agricultural umbrella organizations, involving stakeholders along the value chains within concepts of shared responsibility. Project activities focus on building capacities in agricultural umbrella organizations and finance institutions for upscaling solutions developed. Communication campaigns targeting stakeholders along the value chain raise awareness for the promotion of biodiversity friendly practice in MSME agriculture. Policy pathways and concepts of shared responsibility are brought into the dialogue with relevant actors and recommendations for biodiversity-friendly agriculture are largely disseminated and promoted via networks, other initiatives and conferences.