Dr. David Daou is a Research Manager for Climate Risk Modelling at UNU-EHS, currently working on developing a drought model using machine learning tools, MATLAB and Python. This model falls under  the Economics of Climate Adaptation (ECA) methodology and its modelling tools (Climada). The drought model will then be embedded as a module in CLIMADA.

David holds a PhD. in Remote Sensing from the University of Sherbrooke in Canada, where he applied a synergy of passive and active sensors to create a new inversion to yield atmospheric micro-physics parameters for aerosols and clouds, using data from the AERONET NASA network and CORALNet, the environment and climate change Canadian lidar network.

David previously worked at the Joint Research Centre (JRC-European Commission), as a scientific officer, on Raman Lidar, and as a PI for the Ispra EARLINET station.

David  worked as a research scientist on future ESA-JAXA mission EarthCARE (satellite expected to be launch on 2020), developing the aerosols and Ice particles algorithms for the High Spectral Resolution Lidar onboard the satellite.

Recently Dr Daou was working as a data scientist as a freelancer using deep learning and machine learning tools, for developing models in the business and finance sector.

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